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Customer Support

ElCel Technology's technical support is provided directly by our product developers. By keeping this essential task within our development team we ensure that customers get the best service possible. Additionally, our product designers get valuable feedback and ideas about how to further meet your business needs.

We offer a range of support features that cover our entire product range.

On-line Documentation

We provide ample documentation for each of our products. This is freely available from our web site - even if you have not purchased the product.


Each major product has a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. These pages are regularly updated and deal with many of the common difficulties that customers may initially encounter.

Email Support

If you have a current support agreement then you have access to our fast problem resolution service. Please email support@elcel.com, not forgetting to include the following details:-

  • Your support agreement number
  • The version number of the product
  • The type and version of your operating system
  • A brief example of how to re-create the problem (if possible)

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