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XML Validator
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XML Validator

The ElCel Technology XML Validator is a powerful command-line utility built using OpenTop.

As its name implies, this is a XML validating parser. It contains complete and up-to-date support for XML 1.0 (second edition and errata) and XML Namespaces.

It has been designed to highlight some of the strengths of the underlying XML Toolkit, allowing you to judge its speed and accuracy for yourself.

Features include:
  • fast and accurate, proven against the W3C XML conformance tests
  • multiple files can be validated in one go
  • validating or well-formedness mode
  • reports and recovers from multiple errors, even "fatal" ones
  • user-friendly and informative error messages
  • support for entity resolution using OASIS XML catalogs
  • options to support batch processing
  • input can be via pipes, local files or HTTP/FTP URLs
  • available for SunSparc Solaris, Windows and Linux

See the online manual for further information.

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