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Canonical XML Processor

The ElCel Technology Canonical XML Processor is a powerful command-line utility built using the SAX 2.0 interface of OpenTop.

It implements the canonicalization algorithm as described by the W3C's Canonical XML recommendation. It also implements the original Canonical XML specification from James Clark.

This is a very useful program for converting valid XML with a DTD into a standalone document. It is also used to check the conformance of our XML Toolkit against the OASIS/NIST conformance tests.

Another common use is the pre-processing of complex XML before feeding the simplified canonical output to other tools. This is particularly useful when you require entity resolution using an XML catalog or the XML file is encoded in a format not understood by the other tool.

Features include:
  • fast and accurate
  • optional DTD validation
  • input can be via pipes, local files or HTTP/FTP URLs
  • support for entity resolution using OASIS XML catalogs
  • support for native language messages
  • available for SunSparc Solaris, Windows and Linux

See the online manual for further information.

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