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XML Tools
User Comments

User Comments

Please take a look at some of the comments our users have made regarding our products and customer support.

ElCel Products

"Just to say that I am using your command line XML checker and find it very useful and accurate, with informative messages. Thanks to all involved."
Steve Aze,  Careersoft Limited

"I've downloaded each update of XML Validator and Canonical XML Processor and have been delighted with both."
Ken Sall,  XML Author

"Thanks very much! Your XML Validator tool is just what I needed. It's made my life ten times easier by allowing me to stop using horrendous XML editors"
Gabriel Coelho-Kostolny,  Consultant

ElCel Customer Support

"I must say that if your quick response would be common behaviour among companies we wouldn't have any computer problems! Great thanks and great work (with a great product)."
Karl Ekdahl,  TPB

"Did I ever say you guys are cool? :-)"
Bjöern Höhrmann

"Thanks for your superb attention"
Niels Thøgersen,  IT Developer