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OpenTop C++
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Version 1.5
Version 1.4

OpenTop Version 1.5

OpenTop version 1.5 is the latest release of ElCel Technology's cross platform C++ development library. This version contains a number of important improvements both to the range of functions performed as well as the ease with which it can be integrated into existing C++ projects.

8-Bit Character Strings

The most significant change in OpenTop 1.5 is support for 8-bit character strings. Since its first appearance, OpenTop has supported the entire Unicode character range, but to achieve this in the narrow "char" configuration, it encodes all Unicode strings into UTF-8.

UTF-8 is an ingenious encoding, but the fact that it encodes a single character into a sequence of one or more bytes can sometimes complicate the way in which applications deal with character strings. This additional complexity is justified for applications destined for an international market, but a significant number of applications are intended solely for a domestic market where an extended ASCII-based Latin character set is sufficient.

OpenTop 1.5 adds ISO-8859-1 (Latin1) to its list of supported internal character encoding schemes. In this configuration, all character Strings passed to and from the library use 8-bit Latin1 characters, allowing the seamless and simple integration with both application code and other legacy libraries.

HTML Form Emulation

In OpenTop 1,4 we delivered a completely re-designed HTTP client stack. Now we've gone a stage further by giving you classes to simplify the submission of web forms from your C++ code.

It is common for Web services to be made available via the submission of HTML forms. Examples include search engines, currency converters, online stores and a myriad of other applications.

The form emulation classes in OpenTop 1.5 provide a simple yet flexible way for applications to construct an entity representing the fields contained within an HTML form. When the desired fields have been specified, the entity is generated and submitted to a Web server via a HTTP POST or GET request.

The HTML 4.0 Recommendation defines two encoding methods which can be used for transporting form data: application/x-www-form-urlencoded and multipart/form-data. OpenTop 1.5 provides implementations for both of these encodings via the URLEncodedFormEmulator and MultipartFormEmulator classes. The latter can even be used to upload data files to a Web server application.

Other Enhancements

  • We've created a SequenceInputStream class for for combining two or more InputStreams into one contiguous stream of bytes.
  • We've improved the command line parser and added a new MultiListOption command line option handler.
  • Encoding and decoding Strings is made easier by the creation of new methods on the CodeConverter class. And the character encoding used by the Console I/O streams is now easily controlled via static methods on the Console class.
  • Several of the new features in this release are demonstrated in a new sample application called webform - which is a command line program for submitting HTML forms and capturing the results.


OpenTop 1.5 is available for download right now!

Online ordering, secure purchasing and immediate download are available from our online purchasing pages..

OpenTop 1.5 is a commercial product developed by ElCel Technology.

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