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OpenTop Networking

Developing portable, resilient and secure C++ network applications is significantly easier and more productive when using OpenTop.

OpenTop's networking facilities operate at several levels, simultaneously allowing precise control at the socket level as well as providing a simple yet powerful and standards-compliant implementation of higher-level application protocols.

Network Sockets

OpenTop's networking facilities are built around its extremely robust and portable family of Socket classes. These classes implement a C++ wrapper around the socket API of the underlying platform and provide robust error handling as well as smoothing any inconsistencies between platforms.

Classes are provided for TCP/IP client and server sockets as well as UDP datagram and multicast sockets. These classes offer applications a fine degree of control, exposing a common set of configuration options on all platforms. This includes the provision of a configurable timeout to limit the maximum duration an I/O operation will be allowed to wait before returning control to the caller.

Hostname Resolution

Hostname resolution is the process of translating a network name, such as www.elcel.com, into an IP address which can be used as the endpoint for a socket connection.

OpenTop provides the abstract InetAddress interface which is used to represent version-independent IP addresses in addition to providing a number of static methods for resolving names to addresses and visa versa.

The use of a version-independent class to represent IP addresses prepares the way for a painless transition to IPv6 addresses when support for this technology is more widely available.

Uniform Resource Locator (URL) Handling

OpenTop was first conceived to address the problem of accessing resources from URLs and the so-called World Wide Web. So, it should come as no surprise that this is a task at which it excels.

OpenTop contains a family of classes which perform everything you're ever likely to need for URL handling. At the top of the stack is the URL class itself. This provides the ability to parse, manipulate and compare URL strings. The other important class is URLStreamHandler, which is actually an abstract interface defining methods to handle protocol-specific tasks. This gives OpenTop the ability to handle any kind of URL and allows for future growth and custom extension.

OpenTop is supplied with concrete implementations of URLStreamHandler for FILE, FTP and HTTP(S) URLs.

If you need more control, OpenTop provides a full-featured FtpClient class as well as the extensive HTTP facilities contained in the web namespace.