OpenTop Reference Manual

This document is the API reference for OpenTop, a cross-platform C++ framework library developed and maintained by ElCel Technology.

OpenTop supplements the C++ standard library with facilities for secure networking, web services, multi-threading, Unicode and platform-independent file access using an interface that will be familiar to Java programmers as much of it is modelled on the Java™ API.

OpenTop contains many different classes which are organized into namespaces. Each namespace has a name that broadly categorizes the function that it performs.

OpenTop namespaces are used in a similar way to Java packages. Each namespace contains a set of classes that inter-operate to perform a useful task. All OpenTop namespaces are contained within the top-level ot namespace. Subordinate namespaces employ a layering scheme which strictly manages the dependency relationship between layers. For example, the ot::net namespace builds upon facilities from the ot::io namespace, but no dependency exists in the opposing direction.

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ot This is the top-level OpenTop namespace.
ot::auxil Auxiliary helper classes for use by applications.
ot::cvt Provides facilities to the io namespace to convert from Unicode into various byte encodings and vice versa.
ot::io Provides flexible input/output abstractions for byte and Unicode character streams as well as concrete classes for reading, writing and manipulating files.
ot::net Extends the I/O capabilities of OpenTop to include network access.
ot::sax Provides a standardized SAX 2.0 interface to the OpenTop XML parser.
ot::ssl Provides classes for secure network communication using the "Secure Sockets Layer" (SSL) and IETF "Transport Layer Security" (TLS) protocols.
ot::util Contains date and time classes as well as miscellaneous utility classes that do not need to belong to the top-level namespace.
ot::web Contains classes that extend the networking capabilities of OpenTop with facilities for creating advanced and high-performance HTTP and Web Services client applications.
ot::xml Contains classes representing the native interface to the OpenTop XML parser.
ot::xmlcat Contains an implementation of the OASIS XML Catalogs specification for XML entity resolution.

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