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ElCel Technology

ElCel Technology is an innovative computer software and services company based in Guildford - in the heart of the Surrey hills. We are a global software company, supplying leading-edge software development tools and consultancy.

Global Software Solutions

Our flag-ship product is called OpenTop. If you're involved in C++ development, then there's a good likelihood you know about it already. For those who don't know, OpenTop is a high-performance, cross-platform C++ framework library that greatly enhances the development of networking applications.

Our web site contains everything you need to know about this innovative library. It's available for immediate download from our online store.


The expertise gained as leaders in software development equips us to help your business gain the most from your investment in IT.

Our experienced consultants offer a comprehensive range of services, delivering product support and integration, customer reviews, bespoke software development and project management to a wide range of valued clients.

OpenTop 1.5
Version 1.5 of OpenTop - our cross-platform C++ development library - is now available.

OpenTop version 1.5 contains many new features which make writing secure, mission-critical network applications even easier than before.
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XML Command-line Tools
Our popular XML validator and Canonical XML processor are built using the XML parser provided by OpenTop.
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